Carolyn and her family are members of the Portland, Oregon branch! January in Portland is wet, very wet! That didn’t stop Carolyn from bundling up and getting her family outside! She was outside for over 1000 minutes and over 60 miles! We are so excited that after all her hard work she won an Oakiwear Snowsuit!! You could be next! Registration is now open for our March 2015 challenge; Winner Profile- Carolyn Pierce (1)

Tell us about your favorite hike in the world
There are so many! One of our favorites is Silver Star. The road leading up to the trailhead is surrounded by red huckleberries – the most delicious berries known to man. The wildflowers are gorgeous and the views are incredible.

Favorite Hike it Baby moment so far?
A preschool-age child accompanied us on the weekly Cooper Mountain hike. She was hilarious and helpful. Whenever anyone in back needed to pause, she confidently yelled out, “SSSSTOP!” No one told her to do it; she could just see that it needed to be done.

What is the best advice for a new hiking family?
Just get out there and do it! The first time is the hardest, but it gets progressively easier. Give yourself time and space to fumble. If you go with Hike it Baby, there is a ton of support – both moral and physical. Moms help moms. More broadly, caretakers help caretakers.

Got a favorite trail trick?
Expect you and your baby to get dirty and don’t sweat it when it happens. Cars, pants, and carriers can be cleaned.

On moderate weather hikes, a linen blanket is super handy! It can block sun, sprinkles, and provide a light barrier for your baby to nap under.

Winner Profile- Carolyn Pierce (2)What is a hiking/outdoors accomplishment with baby that you are most proud of?
For the first couple weeks of BMO’s life, we were glued to the couch – constantly nursing. My supply was relatively low so I was worried that we’d never be able to get out and about. On week three, I forced myself to leave the house. We did a Mount Tabor hike with a few Hike it Baby moms. One of them showed me how to nurse in the carrier and it changed my life. It was so empowering! I’m proud that BMO and I got out there in the first place, and I’m thankful that we found an easier way to stay out.

What is the most Outrageous thing that has ever happened on a hike!?
I organized a hike to Mirror Lake when BMO was about a month old. One of the moms didn’t get the memo that it was a carrier-only hike so she brought a stroller. It was too wide for the bridges and unable to cross the rocky section of the trail. She badassedly pushed the stroller up the trail, dodging roots and powering over rocks. Whenever she encountered a major obstacle, one of us would take her baby and another would help her carry the stroller past the obstacle. Strength in numbers.

Winner Profile- Carolyn Pierce (3)How has Hike it Baby influenced other aspects of your life?
It has expanded my community, exposed me to new hikes, and motivated me to diversify my outdoor time. I live right next to the Fanno Creek trail, which is awesome! However it’s easy to get stuck in a Fanno rut. It’s nice to have a reason to try new hikes and revisit old friends.

What did you win? How stoked are you about it? how will you use it!?
Super stoked for our new snow suit!! I think that the cold weather is on its way out so hopefully we’ll be able to use it next year. We’ll probably take her on some chilly billy walks and maybe a few snowshoeing expeditions.

Thank you to Oakiwear for sponsoring our Hike it Baby 30 challenges! Check out Oakiwears amazing snowsuits and all their other waterproof gear here.

Winner Profile- Carolyn Pierce (4)


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