Winner Profile - Katie-Laine Thornton (1)

Congratulations to Katie-Laine and Rutledge of Hike it Baby Nashville!  They competed in the HIB30 March Challenge and won Tifosi Wisp sunglasses!

Tell us about your favorite hike in the world!

Right now my favorite hike is at Barfield Crescent Park in Murfreesboro, TN but I expect that will change because there are so many spots I want to check out soon!

Favorite Hike it Baby moment so far?

Today we had a hike scheduled and it was supposed to rain. I didn’t think anyone would show up and I was considering not even doing it myself if no one else showed. But we ended up with a group of 5 adults and 4 babies. We decided to do the hike even though it looked like we could get pretty wet. We did get soaked but we had a great time and we showed our little ones that it doesn’t have to be perfect weather to get outside!

What is the best advice for a new hiking family?

Just show up. The rest will come.

What are your hiking goals for 2015?

Mainly just keep hiking. I want to explore new trails that are close by that I’ve never been to. I want to meet new people. I also want to keep challenging myself by doing more intense hikes.

Got a favorite trail trick?

Don’t carry stuff you don’t need. Keep it simple.

What is a hiking/outdoors accomplishment with baby that you are most proud of?

The fact that we are regularly getting outside and hiking is a huge accomplishment for me. I had no idea I could do this, much less with a 30 pound baby on my back. And enjoy it, even!

Why is it important to you to have your kiddo out in nature?

I didn’t grow up doing outdoorsy things. I always kinda wanted to be that person that did adventurous, outdoorsy nature things. But in my family (and growing up in the south) we just didn’t. When we moved to Oregon and had Rutledge, it made me realize that I could decide to be that person if I wanted to be. And I want Rutledge to grow up with an appreciation for nature and to think that being an adventurous, outdoorsy, nature person is just normal.

What kind of gear do you always suggest people get?

Good shoes, a good carrier, and a stainless steel water bottle.

How has Hike it Baby influenced other aspects of your life?

Hike it Baby has greatly influenced so many aspects of my life. Hike it Baby has inspired so many healthy changes in my life and has brought so many cool, kick-ass people into my life.

Winner Profile - Katie-Laine Thornton (2)

Thanks so much to our HiB30 challenge partner Tifosi for the awesome sunglasses!


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