Next up for our Hike it Baby 30 January winners is Megan Caldwell from the Portland branch! Megan has two mobile and active boys, and as a family they rocked the January challenge! Megan even led her first hike with Hike it Baby! She won a Byer of Maine Traveller Double Hammock which I am sure her two toddlers will love!

Keep reading to find out how her first hike went and the worries about being alone she had going into it…

Winner Profile- Megan Caldwell (1)

Tell us about your favorite hike in the world
Wow. Loaded question. I am actually new to the hiking world. With kiddos, here in Portland it’s been Lower Macleay, as I’ve now attended several fun Stroller Stirdes/Hike It Baby combo hikes on this trail. It’s really great for all ages, I love that little ones can be in packs, it can be tackled with an all terrain stroller, and my 4yo is able to walk it himself. Without the kiddos, I love running Wildwood.

Favorite Hike it Baby moment so far?
I led my first hike in January, which was more of a stroll/walk/trot through my local neighborhood park, Greenway Park. It was a SUPER wet day, I wasn’t sure if anyone would show up. I got the kiddos geared up, we played in the rain and puddles for a while as we waited. One other brave mama and her young son came out, and we spent over an hour an half letting the three little guys (age 4yr, 20 mo & 17 mo), jump in puddles, splash around and giggle! I’ve loved being challenged to get outside with my two little guys on days that I maybe wouldn’t have otherwise.

Got a favorite trail trick?
Let the kids have fun on the trail, and be prepared with extra stuff afterwards. More like a post-trail trick – but for those who have movers, be sure to have not only a spare pair of clothes for your little one, but socks, shoes, hats and whatever else. I always keep a towel in my car too for the wet days!

Why is it important to you to have your kiddo out in nature?
Man, it keeps both mom and kids sane! I love having them explore animals, plants and the everyday beauty that is often missed. In our tech-friendly world, getting out into nature is one of the few ways to slow down and escape the hustle & bustle of every day life.

What kind of gear do you always suggest people get?
For my needs and interests, it’s been about having an awesome all-terrain stroller! I love my BOB! I can take it on flat and smooth, and bumpy and steep!

What did you win? How stoked are you about it? how will you use it!?
A Hammock. UMM SO STOKED! I love to win! I’m excited to test out and share about a new product I may not have tried out otherwise!

Thank you to Byer of Maine for donating such an awesome prize to our Hike it Baby 30 challenge. Check out their fun hammocks and useful camping gear hereWinner Profile- Megan Caldwell (2)!


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