Sarah and Manning far surpassed their goal of 30 miles in 30 days during Novembers Winner Profile-Sarah Box (1)HIB 30. The challenge motivated their family and led to Sarahs husband challenging them to complete 100 miles by February. This is no easy task in Alaska and we can’t wait to hear more!! Sarah won a super cool outfit to make running and being active outdoors fashionable graciously donated by Road Runner Sports. So go ahead and get to know Sarah…


Tell us about your favorite hike in the world
My favorite hike isn’t the longest/prettiest etc, but it carries a lot of good memories. It’s the East Glacier Trail in Juneau, AK. My best friend and I used to do it very regularly with our dogs and it always makes me happy thinking of those hikes! Close second is the Appalachian Trail. We had a section right at the end of our driveway when we lived in TN and that trail stopped me going completely insane.

Favorite Hike it Baby moment so far?
Realizing there are other crazy people out there who love hiking with their baby too! I now don’t have to wait for hubby and I to have the same day off to take a hike!

Winner Profile-Sarah Box (2)Tell us what you like about Hike it Baby
I like the motivation, support and encouragement that everyone gave in Nivember for the challenge. There were a number of us feeling very down on ourselves for not ‘performing’ the way we had hoped and it was nice to know there were others in the same boat. I also love the ideas that are shared around-I can post a question on the local page and have some different options/answers in very shirt order.

What is the best advice for a new hiking family?
Just get out and do it! Invest in a few choice pieces of equipment to keep baby warm and you all safe, then pick a trail and get going! It’s all about the journey ultimately, not about how hard the trail is or how many miles you hiked. Spending time together in the great outdoors is good for the soul I believe 🙂

Got a favorite trail trick?
I recently was introduced to putting handwarmers in my baby’s boots to keep his tootsies warm. We also try and keep everything we need for hiking stashed in one place, from ice grippers to baby’s boots and gloves. That way we aren’t scrabbling for what we need or forgetting something. In theory…doesn’t always work!

Why is it important to you to have your kiddo out in nature?Winner Profile-Sarah Box (3)
Outdoor fun has always been a big part of both our lives. It’s important to us that Manning grows up with an appreciation for what’s around him and all the beauty that God has created, and the ability to get out regardless of the circumstances/weather etc and do something fun. There are a lot of great life skills that can be learned on the trail.

What kind of gear do you always suggest people get?
Some warm layers for everyone, good boots and ice grippers (if needed) and the pack/carrier of your choice. We love our osprey pack. Manning falls asleep and is very comfortable, with the rain shield added on he is pretty much protected from the elements and he has a blast.

How stoked are you about your win!? How will you use it?
Super excited!!! It was such an encouragement to win such a cool prize! I don’t know if I’ll get back to running any time soon, but will definitely be adding these layers to my outdoor stash and utilizing them!

What dream outdoors trip do you want to do?
I would love to go to Antarctica, and we’d love to hike the whole AT. In one go. Non stop! That probably won’t happen till we are 60, but I can dream!

Thank You to Road Runner Sports for participating in the Hike it Baby 30 challenge! Do you need some new running gear? Check out Road Runner Sports for cool clothing, and running shoes.

Winner Profile-Sarah Box (1)



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