Winter Hiking With Babies (1)It’s cold out there! Winter hiking with babies can wonderful, however be sure to properly dress your little one as you take to the trails. Why? Babies are much more likely to loose circulation in their toes and fingers, so here are some tips to make sure you and your baby are properly dressed for winter hiking.


Here is a list of some of the things I put on my son, Mason, for winter hiking when the temperatures drop to 45 degrees or less. Pay attention to that would be good to think about for your baby if they are beyond the snug in your chest covered up phase (6 months on). Also, think layers. It’s easy to take layers off if they seem to warm, or to double up if it’s colder than you anticipated.

Winter Hiking Gear & Tips

  • 1-2 good pairs of socks and another layer like a fleece PJ onesie over socks OR I have layered an old pair of cashmere socks I have on over baby feet.
  • Boots or booties (zutanos, etc) that are fleece or similar over that
  • Make sure there is no exposed skin on feet, ankle area, hands or neck (leg warmers or tights/tubes can help take care of this – place leg warmers over fleece pants and over shoes!)
  • Polypropylene or wool base layers are optimal
  • Second fleece or wool layer over that in the form of pants or full body zip up
  • Thin fleece Vest over the chest area if baby is in a pack and not being carried in a soft carrier.
  • Jacket over vest!
  • Rain pants if weather or rain suit (check out
  • Down jacket or good hearty jacket
  • Hat that ties on so stays on!
  • Gloves or socks over hands
  • Handwarmers! They are cheap and can be placed inside the carrier pocket to help warm baby! Do not place against baby’s skin.
  • For rain, use a rain cover for your framed carrier.

Winter Hiking With Babies (2)If you are front wearing your baby an EXCELLENT and not expensive solution is the BOBA VEST.  This covers mom and all of the baby. This is a MUST have if you are going to hike in these temps. This can cover over any carrier and covers your core and the whole entire baby including their feet.

The FREE  version of this is buy or borrow a large fleece coat or one that is down or very insulated. Mamas, wear Dad’s coat. Make sure the baby is zipped completely inside. You might get a little warm hiking in a big coat but you have to remember that if you want to be out with baby, you have to think about him or her first.

Take Winter Warmth Seriously

As your little one grows and stops snuggling in close, it’s time to take their warmth seriously. Stop and take an accounting of what you have and think about how you can modify your gear and what you need to get for the baby. Here’s that list again to help you go through what you have and what you need.

While our hikes seem fun and casual, a baby with hypothermia is very serious. Also it’s important to pay attention to weather warnings. if rain is coming and you don’t have rain gear, opt for a neighborhood walk or look for a different hike. And, don’t be afraid to call it quits early if you or your little one are too cold or unhappy. You can always try again tomorrow!

Happy trails and thanks for being safe!

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