Get Past the Excuses and Get Out with Hike it Baby!Katie Ellis is from our Hike it Baby Aurora, CO branch and has won the Wrapsody Wrap prize from our blog giveaway! She can’t wait to use it with her son, Connor (age 2).

Where is your favorite place to be out in nature with your little one(s)?
We have so many favorites! We love to explore different places. Our favorite so far is Morrison Nature Center in Aurora.

How has  helped get you out on the trails?
I love babywearing on hikes because I don’t have to worry about how long/far the hike is. While I love toddler led hikes, my little one’s max is between .5-1.5 miles, depending on the day. We can go out for a 3 mile hike and I don’t have to kill my arms carrying him when he gets tired or grumpy. It also makes nursing on the move super easy!!

What is your advice to any new parent out there looking to start babywearing on the trails?
Try out different carriers and find one that works best for you and baby! There are so many options, it can be overwhelming! Make lots babywearing friends by joining your local babywearing and HIB groups.

What motivates you to get things done and get outdoors when you feel bogged down with parenthood?
HIB has really helped me get outside more often. We are naturally outdoor people, so having hikes to go on frequently helps us to explore new areas and get out of our normal routine of playing in the yard or the park down the street. We all feel much better when we are outside!

Who inspired you to start hiking with your baby?
A group of friends who live close by motivated me to start up a Hike it Baby branch in our city. I was added to surrounding Hike it Baby branches and it was just too hard to make a 30-60 minute drive regularly to join hikes. We love the outdoors and it just seemed perfect to start up a branch to get us motivated to get out in our area!

When did you start taking your baby out on hikes?
We’ve been hiking since he was a few months old! HIB really helped to make it a part of our routine and we’ve been getting out much more frequently since February.

How excited are you that you won this prize?!?!?!
So excited! Always good to  have more carrier options!

Where is the the first place you are going to use your awesome new wrap?
Home to try it out. Then we’ll try it out on a hike!

Hike it Baby gives a big shout out thank you to our sponsors at Wrapsody for providing this awesome prize giveaway! Keep reading the blog page for more opportunities like this in the future!

Get Past the Excuses and Get Out with Hike it Baby!


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