Every month we like to share those moments when you think, “You Know You Are a Hike it Baby Hiker When…”. We ask, you tell! Here are some of the thoughts that our members shared this month. How do YOU know you are a HiB hiker? Share with us on this form and we will include your comments on an upcoming blog post!


When you’ve nursed your baby on a log, a rock, or while still hiking the trail! – Sarah Schlafer, Cleveland

You go to the store for shoes… You think to yourself, “Are these good for hikes and trips to creek?” – Rebekkah Edwards, Denver Metro

When you get home from a hike, unload the trunk, and find sticks and other treasures your snoozing little adventurer tucked away while snacking in the car after a great morning on the trail with friends. – Meg Kearney, North Shore, MA

There is always a stroller, two carriers, water shoes, extra clothes for you and kids, towels, lots of snacks and water bottles in your car at all times. You never know when there may be a HiB hike you can make it too! – Emily Decker, St. Louis

Your child’s car seat has rocks instead of toys tucked away in the sides. – Bailey Ludlam, Salt Lake City

I check my branches HiB page every morning for new hikes as frequently as I check Facebook! – Kelsey Freitas, Augusta, GA

On your very first official hike your trail mates teach you how to nurse in your baby carrier and teach you how to back carry; two things you’ve wanted to do but couldn’t quite get on your own! – Lauren, Cleveland

Photograph by: Jennifer Cozine


One thought on “You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When…

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    Mira Nissim

    When you make sure to pack clothes you don’t mind getting totally stained by red Maui dirt:)


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