Every month we like to share those moments when you think, “You Know You Are a Hike it Baby Hiker When…”. We ask, you tell! Here are some of the thoughts that our members shared this month. How do YOU know you are a HiB hiker? Share with us on this form and we will include your comments on an upcoming blog post!


My daughter now refers to walking outside as “let’s hike it baby!” – Emily Decker, St. Louis

You leave the house with a backpack filled with extra snacks “just in case.” – Stephanie Harper, East Bay CA

Your partner starts not-so-subtly hinting that the constant sunscreen hand-, elbow-, and knee-prints all over your car’s doors and tailgate are probably bad for the paint job. – Donna Devane, Austin

Your son’s first intelligible word other than mommy and daddy is “outside” as he is running and pointing out the living room window. – Whitney, Whatcom

When I’m preparing for baby #2 and I don’t need to buy much, but it includes getting cold weather and rain gear clothing in the little sizes because I know I’ll be outside! – Ashley Selland, Tacoma

The back of my van used to be empty… now it always has the jogging stroller, Deuter carrier, SSC, first aid kit, extra water, snacks, and now that it’s hunting season – fluorescent orange head wear and jackets. You never know when you may need it! – Kendra Reeder, Harrisburg

Photo credit:  Audra Ostergard


One thought on “You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When…

  • Laura Castro

    When you wake up in the morning and the first thing asked is not what are you doing today, but are you going for a hike?


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