You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When...We’ve gathered more moments when Hike it Baby members have thought: You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When… We all can relate! See some of those moments here:


You travel past a park or really cool landmark and think to yourself it would be great to lead a hike it baby there. Just such a beautiful place you need to share it with others.
Victoria Hartmann  – Milwaukee WI

You are going down a trail and someone passing the group says, “Wow that’s a lot of babies!”
Michelle Killmon – Westminster, Colorado

Every time I put on the baby carrier, the dog runs to sit by her leash with her tail sweeping the floor. And the baby starts giggling like a maniac. Hiking around our town puts us all in a good mood!
M.J. Lanum – Merrimack Valley

You look forward to strapping your baby on and walking into the woods!
Sarah Hammer – Cincinnati

You are carrying a yelling, protesting toddler under your arm, and you feel like you are ruining the Nature experience for anyone else hiking within a 1/4 mile of you.
Jenn Haunold – Corvallis

You come across another baby wearing momma and your first question is “Do you know about Hike it baby?” and start fishing in your bag for a business card as you start your longer spiel about how awesome it is to be outside with our littles.
Heather Feil – Anchorage

When your toddler makes sand, mud or dirt angels
Jessica – Portland

I consider the first time my daughter peed in the woods on a Hike it Baby hike to be a milestone.
Jessa McCauley – Evansville

When your 8 month old decides to walk (yes walk!!!) towards the framed carrier and tries to climb in! It’s the only thing she walks towards, not mom or dad only the carrier…I think we created a hiking monster!!
Lauren Barthelemy – Portland

Your toddler sees a baby wearing mom in a store and starts chanting “hike it baby!”. Great way to recruit new members!
Madelyn Barranco – Racine, Wisconsin

Your 2 yr old is shivering with fever but still asks to go outside!
Christel – Spearfish

You’re planning out the next days hikes to hit a mileage goal while up in the middle of the night feeding your little one!
Jennifer Simmons – HIB Fredericksburg

You reschedule your daughter’s 6 month check up so you don’t miss a hike!
Alexis Christensen  – Portland

Have you had one of these moments? We’d love to share them here on the blog! Just fill out this form and watch for yours and other HiB hikers’ responses next month!! Happy Hiking!


2 thoughts on “You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When…

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    Nikki Merwin

    When you put your kid in the stroller, for a coffee walk, and she throws a fit until you put her in the pack. Nikki Merwin- Tacoma

  • Avatar
    Nikki Merwin

    When you put your kid in the stroller, for a coffee walk, and she throws a fit until you put her in the pack. Nikki Merwin- Tacoma


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