You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When...You know you have a HiB baby when she nurses to sleep flipping through a trail guidebook.
Maura Wamsley

You make sure to hide the hiking carrier from your two year old as you rush out the door for errands in order to avoid the tears when you tell him you aren’t going hiking today.
Melissa Hollingsworth, Atlanta

You are searching for a hike nearly every day of the week and are looking in advance for next week’s hikes and marking them on the calendar.
Ariel Rosato, Austin and Humboldt

You make a rare appearance at a play cafe and everyone asks about the hikes you’ve been on and why you aren’t hiking at the moment!
Libby Knapp, Cincinnati

When your 2 year old refers to Trick or Treating as Going for a Hike!
Christel Peters, Spearfish

A kick butt regular buys you a selfie stick so you can start being in the group pictures of all the hikes you lead!
Lyndsey, Monadnock

…you are regularly digging nature (leaves, nuts, rocks) out of your stroller.
Bailey Ludlam, Salt Lake City

Have you had one of these moments? We’d love to share them here on the blog! Just fill out this form and watch for yours and other HiB hikers’ responses next month!! Happy Hiking!


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