We asked and you submitted your “You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When…” moments! Do any of these sound like you? Share your moments with us here and yours will be featured in an upcoming blog post!

You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When...HiB merchandise is on your Christmas list – Ashley Sims,  Snohomish

You’re husband is off for the day and asks, “so when/where is your hike today?” Assuming you have one… and you do 🙂  – Ashley Sims, Snohomish

Your baby always falls asleep on a hike. – Justin, Halifax

You know you are a HiB hiker when your Christmas list is full of items like base layers, hiking boots, baby carriers, and park passes. – Heather Smidt, Boston

You know you are a HiB Hiker when…you plan your grocery shopping and housework around a hike. Also, when you go clothes shopping and find yourself buying clothes that are good for hiking rather then a new outfit to wear to the office.  – Erica Mierop, Nashville

You plan when to run errands based around the projected weather forecast. But forgo said errands when the sun comes out earlier than expected! – Kate Woolery, Cincinnati

Your husband thinks you’ve gone crazy because all you do is talk about HIB when you meet someone new.  – Sue Parker, Burlington County NJ

You tell someone what area of town you live in when introducing yourself…at a non-HIB event.  – Jeri Collins, Anchorage

When the back of your car could fully clothe at least 3 separate kids for any weather!! – Amy Parshall, Colorado Springs

When you are looking to purchase a new bookbag for the next college term and automatically go to the Sports section – so that it can double as a day backpack when it isn’t filled with schoolwork! – Christel Peters, Spearfish

You have punch cards from 4 different coffee shops that you do coffee walks with Hike it Baby. – Jessa McCauley,

When your 4 year old immediately starts every group we attend with a “welcome circle” by introducing herself, me and her brother…and then every one of her hiking friends she knows. – Brandi Akerberg, Hike it Baby Fredericksburg

When you check the week’s weather to see which days are good for hiking before you will commit to any other non-hike plans. – Casey Musgrove, Louisville (Kentucky)

Do you relate to these moments?  Check out more fun responses and watch for our next piece, coming soon!



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