Thankful for Hiking Part 2We’ve all had one of those moments when you stop and think, You Know You Are a Hike it Baby Hiker When… It’s so much fun to see what all of our members have to share when it comes to having one of those thoughts! Here are a few that were submitted this month!

You plan your own birthday around hiking a new trail before going to a play cafe with other HiB families you’ve met. That’s totally me this Friday! – Libby Knapp, Cincinnati

My three year old can spot all of the nature trails/parks when we drive by them. – Cassandra, Portland

You fall in love with your framed carrier and use it in the grocery store! – Sue Parker, Burlington County, NJ

My three year refers to the other kids in our branch as his “Hike it Friends.”  – Jessie Emslie, Colorado Springs

You tell your toddler that you are going on a hike and she asks if she gets to see friends.  – Lydia Linke, Twin Cities, MN

You consider calling the Pediatrician because your toddler said “No” when you asked if he wanted to go outside.  – Christel Peters, Spearfish

It’s Monday, and you’re sitting at your desk looking up your next trail for your weekend warrior hike.
You tell your coworkers you are going hiking on the weekend, and their response is always “”Of course you are!”    – Kate B., Indianapolis

You insist on scheduling a medical procedure 24hours later so that you can get one last Hike in. – Sara Spence,    Perth, Australia

Do YOU ever have one of those, You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When… moments? Share them with us and we’ll publish them in the next blog post! Happy Hiking!

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