We asked and you submitted your “You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When…” moments! Do any of these sound like you? Share your moments with us here and yours will be featured in an upcoming blog post!

You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When...

You invite all of your friends and family to go with you on a hike outdoors instead of doing anything else.
Ashley Selland, Tacoma

You go grocery shopping and have to empty out your car of all your hiking gear or you wont have room for food!!!
When you have bags full of extra all weather clothing for your toddler in your car.
When you have about 5 pairs of gloves for said toddler in your carrier.
When you spend working hours thinking of where to go during the week!!
Trishell Walker, Spokane WA

You say, “let’s go out” and your 14 month old yells, “Hike! Hike!”, grabs his boots and goes and stands by the door.
Other people’s cars are full of candy wrappers and toys but yours is full of trail maps and sticks.
Nicki Townsend, Hampton Roads

Something doesn’t feel quite right when you are in a mall rather than on a trail on a day off from school or work.
Mary Beth, Twin Cities


Do you relate to these moments?  Check out more fun responses and watch for our next piece, coming soon!



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