Every month we like to share those moments when you think, “You Know You Are a Hike it Baby Hiker When…”.  We ask, you tell! Here are some of the thoughts that our members shared this month. How do YOU know you are a HiB hiker? Share with us on this form and we will include your comments on an upcoming blog post!

、、、You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When...

You randomly pull over to what looks like a cool trail, throw your toddler on your back and tell your older child, “we are going to check this out.”  –  Michelle, Westminster

You stop and wait for people on the trail that you see a lil ways behind only to realize you aren’t in a group today and they aren’t with you.  –  Olivia George, Hampton Roads

I’m from Charleston SC tons of new families are moving in or just stopping by to visit. All I can think is why am I doing these things by myself. My new neighbors/ friends would love to see the awesomeness hidden treasures of my home town!  –  Melanie Rauch, HIB Charleston

You know you’re a Hike it Baby hiker when you have more baby winter clothes in your car than you do in your hous, just in case anyone needs to borrow extra layers :p  –  Nicholl, Charleston

The first moment I realized I was a HiB hiker was when I went on my first hike. There were three other moms that went, and we all described how much we have moved around and traveled. We all agreed that enjoying nature was our favorite acitvity. I felt so rejuvenated afterwards and thought to myself, “This is the group I’ve been looking for!”  –  Christina Fleming, Charleston Sc

When my fitbit vibrates before noon because I’ve already met my daily steps goal.  –   Lacey Marsh, Charleston, SC

Your two year old asking every single night at bed time if we are hiking in the morning.
When you are driving and your kids are saying we hiked there, for every place we have ever hiked as we pass by!  –  Jennie Asiala, Mat-su Valley Alaska

When you have 3 hours to burn in a town you are unfamiliar with, you take your kids walking to explore trying to get miles in for your HIB challenge.   –  Melba Jane, Colorado Springs


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