Your Baby is an Animal! (1)

YOU & YOUR BABY DID IT. We are still working out the numbers but we are close to 10,000 miles logged by over 300 families for the first Hike it Baby 30! And this was only the beginning! Get ready for challenge number 2!

What an awesome fun month of hiking we all had. Whether you made it 10 miles or 100, the great part is you got out there. Having other people to inspire you and encourage you works doesn’t it?

I would love to share my experience with you all because I am sure it was similar to others…

Your Baby is an Animal! (2)Week one I was all over it! I got out there that first weekend and charged hard with all of my Hike it Baby mamas. Our first hike brought out like 50 families. It was so much fun. We only got a few miles in but it didn’t matter because that was just the beginning. We had heaps of time right?

That next day I was still feeling the fire so I rallied with my husband and another couple and we went for 8.5 miles! That made up like almost 1/3 of the Wildwood Trail, which is a 30 miles trail running through forest park. We knew it was going to be a rainy day, but we didn’t know just how rainy! In spite of the downpour it was awesome. And I carried Mason 4 miles of it. So I was pretty proud and I realized that normally I hand Mason off to Mark on the more challenging hikes. But I did this one without even batting an eye.

After my big hike I got kind of lazy for the next week. I was like, “there’s so much time.” And then all of the sudden I realized I let a whole week go by! I did one tiny hike of about 2 miles tops but only a little bit of it was on the Wildwood.

Then it got cold. Really cold. And I got nervous about everyone being out there with their little babies (yes, I panicked a little, sorry.) But once I saw how quickly people adjusted and helped each other out with advice and loaning clothes, I realized we all still needed to get out there! I taught a few layering classes in Portland. That was fun. I got lots of advice from Anchorage and Laramie. And I checked out what other people were wearing like Christel in Rapid City, SD!

The cold let up a little and then the rain set in. We got out there still though and Megan Bilby (Our Branch director for Hike it Baby USA and one bad-ass lead!) got us out there for a big one (6 miles) in the rain. This one was a memorable day for me because I really felt how tough we were as we slogged through the rain and in spite of it we were given some beautiful misty moments! It’s hikes like these that remind me of how lucky we all are to live in such a beautiful and diverse country with so many natural surroundings to enjoy!

Your Baby is an Animal! (3)

After that hike I slacked off once again…I felt like I had heaps of days and besides I was close to my 30! HOWEVER my challenge was not just 30, it was 30 miles of the Wildwood and I guess I could have just kicked back and just thought, well I got my 30 so whatever, but I had a bunch of my friends all doing the Wildwood, hiking 2-4 times a week and posting photos, so they fired me up! I couldn’t let them all hike those miles without me. So in the last week I mapped out my final hikes and realized I had 8 miles to go eeeeeeek. I literally hiked up until the final hours today on Sunday to get her done! Still working on my total count but Wildwood 30 complete! CHECK!


How was your 30? What did you learn about yourself? Would you do the Hike it Baby 30 again?

Your Baby is an Animal! (4)Guess what…registration opens in a few days for Hike it Baby 30 January 2015! Start the new year off with a bang. We’ll announce registration as soon as it opens and we have a SPECIAL deal for those who sign up before Xmas! We have a code to get this Onya Baby carrier for $99 for anyone who signs up for the HIB30!! Super cool.

Also did you know that Hike it Baby now has a store ( ? We’re offering 20% off of order placed before December 10th with the code HIBSHOP2014.


Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and a great November. Having so many participants made this fun and easy! As we enter into December remember to get out there and drag your family along! They may grumble a bit in the beginning but you can just remind them that studies show families who spend more time outside together are happier, healthier and have a longer life span. Who wouldn’t want that right?

Here’s to Happy Hiking and a wonderful experiment in community! We thank you all for being a part of Hike it Baby and if you love us, you can give back by joining in the next challenge and spreading word to friends, whether they are in a Hike it Baby town or not!


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