There’s never been a better time to help a small organization like ours and make an impact on thousands of families getting into nature. We are at a huge transition time where we are growing from a smaller grassroots movement to being an international organization that provides advocacy and support for families to get out into nature with their children from birth on.

This is a critical moment where a few people with a lot of passion could make a difference for us. Hike it Baby is an incredibly dynamic and diverse organization that is now in 309 cities across the US and spreading all over the world. We are always looking for men and women to join our advisory boards who have skills in: technology, finance, human resources and nonprofit management. Please email us at with your resume.

Previous board experience is highly encouraged to have before applying. If you know of someone who would be a great fit, please share this with them!

Hike it Baby’s Board of Directors are elected to serve the membership in deciding policy, conducting governance, and keeping the organization effective in pursuing our key mission to help families get out into nature with birth to school age kids.

As the organizations highest governing body, the newly formed Board consists of 9 members, all of whom stand for election every 2 years. The Board meets on a regular basis. Contact the Board through

Shanti Hodges (Board President)
Shanti Hodges is the founder and visionary of Hike it Baby. With the help of Jessica Carrillo Alatorre, she brought the organization from being a small hike group she founded in 2013, to a national non-profit supporting thousands of families to get on trails together. She founded the group after looking for a way to get outside with other parents in her area. She quickly realized that her experience in media and marketing could help spread the idea around the country and create a way for families to help each other get outside, even if Shanti wasn’t in their neighborhood. She gains inspiration to charge on with the organization through hiking and adventuring with her adventure buddies, her son Mason and husband Mark. They reside in La Verkin, UT but can be found hiking all over the map throughout the year. Shanti is also the author of “Hike it Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures With Babies and Toddlers” You can follow her adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Leah Rounds (Treasurer)
Leah loves to be outside and exploring new places.  A mom to a 2 year old Addison, Leah is currently a stay at home mom.  Previously, Leah has filled various positions from controller, business manager and director of financial reporting for a variety of privately held companies.  Leah is a CPA in New York and will be responsible for Hike it Baby’s financials and assisting with the budgeting process each year.  

Sharon Houghton (strategic partnerships)
Sharon is Group Publisher of the Outdoor Group at Active Interest Media which includes Backpacker Magazine among others. Moving around most of her life as a military brat, Sharon got to experience the outdoors all over the world from a very young age. After exploring many sports as a child, a passion for endurance racing lead to many years of racing triathlon at an elite level before having kids. Her family includes her husband Kevin (married 7 years), Gunnar (5), Amelia (2). Instilling a love for the outdoors and fitness has been a priority for this family and we spend much of our time hiking, camping, running, fishing, and simply exploring Colorado. Sharon hopes that to help Hike it Baby reach the masses through strategic relationships and partnerships within the Outdoor Industry along with telling the stories that have impacted families in the outdoors.  

Jill Still (nonprofit development, strategy and organization restructuring)
Jill Still is an avid hiker and outdoor recreationist.  A year ago she became a mom. Jill is completing her clinical training in five element acupuncture, a classical medicine whose foundation was guided by observing nature in and out of balance.  Several years before becoming a mom, Jill was encouraged to organize a Hike it Baby hike in Anchorage.  She invited her friends who were new parents and over 15 people gathered for the first hike. Some moms in the group took over and built the Hike it Baby community in Anchorage. Jill watched the Hike it Baby community grow locally, nationally and internationally, and when Hike it Baby became a nonprofit it was time for Jill to be involved in a more active role once again. As the former Executive Director of a nonprofit in Anchorage, Jill has found a way to stay involved in the nonprofit sector. Her passion for seeing nonprofits thrive is driven by the important role they play in building strong and healthy communities.  Jill is excited to be a part of a movement that is helping connect families with a mutual appreciation of the outdoors, which in turn encourages our future generations to observe, respect and care for our natural environment.  Jill’s favorite pastime is being outdoors with her husband and son.  Jill has always had an appreciation for nature and the interdependency of humans and the environment. Today that appreciation is heightened by watching her son enjoy, shrill, and be amazed by the simple gifts of nature.

Mauricio Valadrian
Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Mauricio has been working as a bilingual media creative and cultural consultant for nearly two decades, eight of them managing the creative services department at Univision Portland, and most recently, as an independent media consultant and diversity communications expert. He has worked with companies ranging from small local startups and Non-Profits, to national ad agencies and firms, both in the private and governmental sectors, helping them develop compelling and engaging content that effectively reaches the full spectrum of their intended demographic footprint.
Prior to joining Hike it Baby’s Board of Directors, Mauricio served in the board of the Domestic Violence Safe Dialogue Program.

A’Nova Ettien
A’Nova joined the board of Hike it Baby in July, 2018, in a seat that supports operations development and strengthening the organization’s standing commitment to equitably serving all families who want to get outside with small children. Due to an unusual upbringing, A’Nova spent a huge amount of time outside as a child— running in the woods, sleeping in tents, walking long distances often with a pack on, living in a variety of rustic settings, and sometimes foraging and gardening. Later on she didn’t see herself as an “outdoorsy person” because most people with that self description seemed to have a whole lot of gear and equipment and guidebooks. Since then, she’s done a lot of learning and thinking about what it means to be engaged in the outdoors and connected to nature, who claims identities related to the natural environment and why, and the ways our country and society have included, excluded, or limited people in terms of activities done outside—from exploring and adventuring to farming and other kinds of work. She continues to learn every day, and loves doing it in the company of others. Currently settled in the Pacific Northwest, A’Nova has a young son and a teenaged stepson, and works to bring into her young people’s lives the kinds of outside experiences she loved growing up. From her son’s earliest days of life, she has tried to get outdoors with him every day, whether it be a neighborhood walk or an ambitious adventure.

Christy Fricks
Christy Fricks grew up wandering in the backwoods of Georgia/Alabama along the Chattahoochee River. She drags her 4 kids and husband outside into the woods, rivers, mountains, and even out of the country, as often as possible. Being a Type 1 Diabetic, fitness instructor and writer, led her to get an M.A. in Health and Medical Communication from the University of Georgia, with the goal of helping others understand how health and community are connected. She believes that Hike It Baby is the perfect way to get more families outside and to build positive healthy communities. Christy currently runs LickSkillet Public Relations a marketing company dedicated to teaching local businesses, environmental groups and nonprofits how to build successful communication strategies.

Colin Giblin
Colin is a native New Englander Colin grew up adventuring outside on the slopes of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, the waters of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, and the peaks of the Green Mountains in Vermont. Living in Rhode Island he enjoys exploring his most recent hobbies of alpine touring, mountain biking, and bouldering.Currently serving as the head of eCommerce for Turtle Fur, an outdoor and snow sports accessory company based in Vermont, he leads digital marketing, online presence, and operational initiatives for the company. Colin came to Hike it Baby through a capstone project as part of the Outdoor Industry Association’s Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy. Through that project he worked with a team of other members of the outdoor industry to offer action items for the future of Hike it Baby. Colin believes that access to nature is a right of all people and hopes to leverage his experience in technology and marketing in helping strengthen and expand the Hike it Baby community.

Jessica Carrillo Alatorre (Hike it Baby Interim Executive Director)
Jessica Carrillo Alatorre has been a part of Hike it Baby since the summer of 2014. She grew up spending time in the outdoors and falling in love with nature on the Oregon coast. Jessica has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from George Fox University.  She helps oversee operations, ensuring that as the organization grows, policy, procedure, and personnel are put in place to help Hike it Baby be a long term success. Jessica and her husband Chris enjoy hiking with their two girls, Natalie (born in 2014) and Elisabeth (born in 2017) around the Portland metro area they call home. Their favorite hikes include waterfalls and wildflowers Jessica is inspired by the passion and commitment of the volunteers who drive Hike it Baby. The mission of the organization resonates with so many parents and creates the kind of community she wants her girls to be a part of. Jessica is proud to be raising a generation to love the outdoors.

Any issues, thoughts, suggestions, support, concerns or grievances can be submitted to this address: