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Join us this October for our Hike & Seek Adventure! All month long, we will be exploring the nature near us to see what species of plants, animals and insects occupy our neighborhoods. We will be bringing you new activity sheets and blogs, weekly hike activity ideas, sharing about Leaving No Trace in the natural world around us (even for little ones!), all while seeking out new species using the free downloadable Seek app from iNaturalist  


To receive our bi-weekly newsletter and be eligible for special prizes, please be sure to register for FREE by visiting our registration page.  Hoping to snag a limited edition fall Hike & Seek themed sticker? Donate $10+ to our event in order to receive one!

Stick figures in puddles in the fall

New to the Seek app? You can check out the app store on your phone and download it, and you are ready to go - no login or registration required. It’s super easy to use - just head outside, open the app, and you can point your camera at whatever species you are trying to identify.  Feel free to download the Seek app and learn more here to get ready for the challenge!

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There are so many ways to participate!

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Read our annual report for more information.

You can also check out our programs, and information on joining a local hike.


Check back here throughout the challenge - we will be adding resources and activity sheets throughout the month!