Community Guidelines

Welcome to Hike it Baby. We are glad you’re joining our community. We’re a platform to gather families together outside in a supported environment. We are not guides and when you meet up with our group, our events are casual get togethers, not classes or programs. Hosts are not experts, but are merely community members who want to gather and connect with others in outdoor spaces they enjoy. We ask that everyone join as a member so we all know who we are hiking with and how to connect further. Learn more about Hike it Baby as an organization here.

Here are our friendly guidelines:

  • We are a “leave no hiker behind” group. Please respect this and keep track of those around you.
  • We start every group with a Hike it Baby Welcome Circle: introduce yourself and the people with you, if you are comfortable sharing children’s ages and area of town you live in, do so, and invite the other participants to introduce themselves and their child/ren.
  • We are aware of our group size and may break into smaller groups, if necessary, to minimize the impact on the trail or in the community.
  • Do you or your child/ren need to take a break? We stop. We wait. We adjust accordingly. People should not feel rushed on our outings.
  • We are a judgement free community. We are all parents or caregivers and sometimes have questions that may be about controversial topics. If you find yourself having a discussion about a certain topic on trail or in the group, be open to other people’s thoughts and way of life. Keep it light and remember that our purpose is to be out in nature with our children. If the conversation is making anyone in the group uncomfortable, be aware of their feelings and change the subject.
  • We don’t discriminate. All are welcome. We come from diverse backgrounds and our family makeup varies. Please respect your fellow Hike it Baby community.
  • We welcome all. Mom, dad, nanny, granny, uncle, caregiver, friends. We value everyone getting out with children.
  • Share the Hike it Baby love. Tell the world about your community and find others who might want to join in around you.
  • If you love Hike it Baby, find out how you can help out in your community.
  • Join Hike it Baby in other cities you travel to! It’s a great way to make new friends.
  • Get outside often and have fun!