Equity Commitment and Plan

Hike it Baby commits to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (collectively known as DEI) in
the following ways:

1. All staff & board members will sign a personal commitment to continuously advancing DEI work within Hike it Baby.

2. Strategic plans and work plans will include specific DEI related goals and action items for every department and function within the organization. This will be reviewed and updated annually.

3. An internal equity assessment will be performed regularly and a copy of the findings and actions will be available to the public.

4. Hike it Baby will communicate honestly and openly with all stakeholders regarding DEI commitments and actions. We will acknowledge our mistakes and work to correct them. Community members will be given opportunities to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

5. An internal communication channel will exist where volunteers, staff, and board members can share resources and discuss their learning around DEI topics. Hike it Baby will commit to providing a moderated space with specific communication expectations and norms to help keep this a respectful space where people can learn and grow in an honest and open format.

6. An internal workgroup dedicated to advancing DEI within Hike it Baby will exist and meet regularly to evaluate progress and recommend actions. Participation in this workgroup is open to any Hike it Baby community member who is interested in and willing to commit to the work.

7. Hike it Baby commits to seeking and welcoming diverse candidates at all levels of the organization. Hiring practices, employee policies, and job posting/recruitment efforts will be inclusive. These practices and policies will be reviewed regularly and updated as needed to ensure inclusivity and equity.

8. General communications, images, videos, and other content will include a diverse range of authentic families and voices to showcase the diversity of our community and help more people identify themselves in our content. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors and we have a duty to show the world what that can look like. Hike it Baby will evaluate our content regularly to ensure we are meeting this commitment.

9. Hike it Baby community members and participants will be expected to read and commit to a social contract outlining the expectations and standards required to establish spaces that are safe, welcoming, and open to including a diverse range of participants.

10. Hike it Baby ambassadors will undergo training to help them understand their role in establishing and maintaining equitable and inclusive communities. Hike it Baby will also provide continuing education and regular opportunities for ambassadors to engage, learn, and continue to participate in the advancement of our DEI work.

11. Hike it Baby hike hosts will be provided with guidelines for hosting welcoming and inclusive events.

12. Community guidelines, social contract, ambassador training, and hike host guidelines will be evaluated regularly and updated as necessary. Community members will have an opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions to help ensure these tools are effective and impactful in a positive way.

13. Hike it Baby will be an organization committed to action. We believe in the value of listening and learning to better understand the DEI issues facing our community members and the families we are trying to support. We also believe that impact is more important than intent, so we commit to turning our learnings into actionable steps to make lasting change. We will also encourage all stakeholders in the Hike it Baby community to take action alongside us on a regular basis as part of our ongoing work to lower barriers and create a world where every family can feel a sense of belonging in and ability to access nature.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion