HiB Programs

Wander Walks


Our newest program to get families outside and playing in parks and green spaces across the country! This new initiative focuses on engaging young families in activity based signage, that support early childhood development practices and nature based play.


Turn the Blues Green

Introduces new mamas to the benefits of getting outside with their newborn and the positive  affect it can have on both mother and baby’s mental and physical health.


We’ve Got your Back

With We Got your Back, we aim to transform the power of community into a practical resource hub for brand new parents trying to find their way back to nature, or for parents discovering the place nature has in their life for the first time. This program will provide tangible assets like “Hike-in-a-Bag,” a backpack full of useful items to make it super easy to get outside with your little one, a “Welcome Care Package” for parents to empower them to get outside with their new baby, and will serve as a hub for free community resources in local HiB communities, including a free gear and clothing exchange. 


Bring it Outside

The Bring it Outside program develops engaging practices, tools, and activities that motivates families to get outside. This support is focused on helping families build confidence, have fun, and find a sense of belonging in the outdoors. Some of the current tools we are offering are: COVID at home resources and engagement activities for all ages such as workbooks, activity sheets and virtual hikes. These programs focus on meeting people where they are and helping them get outside in the ways that work for their families. 


Community Development

Community Development takes our Hike it Baby members and  gives them opportunities to grow in outreach and engagement in their local community. This program is  how we recruit our communities Ambassadors and hike host.

Family Trail Guide

Launched in 2019 as an interactive hiking trail guide for families, by families, the FTG helps all families find and explore family-friendly trails, wherever they are. The Family Trail Guide was inspired by the challenge parents face in knowing if trails are truly family-friendly before spending precious time and resources to venture out. Trusted HiB community members add entries that include the details parents want to know, everything from if the bathrooms have changing tables to photos of trail heads and parking lots to ensure families find their way safely to the best spots for outdoor exploration near them.