Hike it Baby 30 faqs






What does it mean to “register”?
For this Challenge we are keeping it simple. When you register that means you are registering to participate in the challenge of getting your child(ren) outside for 30 miles in 30 days or 30 minutes 3 times a week. If your partner or relative or friend takes the child out, you can log those miles/minutes too! Once you register you can use the log tools to log any number of children. Your name will only be entered once in the prize drawing. REGISTER HERE (Registration typically closes the second week of the challenge month)

Is this Challenge only for babies, or can my older children participate, too?
This challenge is for babies and children of all ages, with the goal of getting EACH child outside for 30 miles in 30 days or 30 minutes 3 times a week. This is all about getting your whole family out there whether the “babies” are 3-weeks, 3-years old, or 30-years old!

How much does it cost to register?
Our events are made possible through sponsorship and participant donations. We suggest a donation (any amount!) but please consider this a free offering if it’s not in your current budget. Hike it Baby is a volunteer-run organization, and these challenges are our biggest fundraisers, which goes towards supporting our programs. Every dollar helps! If Hike it Baby is a community that has touched your life as a new parent and has inspired you to get outdoors with your little one(s), please consider choosing one of the higher dollar registration options.  Please contact us to learn more about this at challenge@hikeitbaby.com. REGISTER HERE

I made a mistake on one of my logs.  How do I fix it?
Mistakes happen! Just delete the erroneous log, and re-enter it correctly.  If you need more help than this with your logs, feel free to email challenge@hikeitbaby.com with the details of what you need done.

How does the tracking work this challenge? I know in the past separate kids were separate entries with separate fees.
All you need to do is register one time no matter how many children you are logging for. If your partner also wants to qualify to win prizes and register, then he/she can do it and add that child again (once on one parent’s miles and once on other parent or relative or friend). It doesn’t matter if your baby/child is carried, in a stroller, or walking on their own two feet. Simply log the amount of miles or minutes they were outside. At the end the prizes are not drawn based on miles or minutes, but we do track to see how many miles and minutes we all got out. This time we are shooting for 30,000 miles as a group goal!

THERE ARE NO PRIZES FOR MOST MILES/MINUTES. The idea behind tracking miles and minutes is personal satisfaction and knowing how many miles and minutes your child(ren) can do in a month. You will be SHOCKED when you see how quickly they add up.

(Answer from Jennifer in Hike it Baby Houston) I have two kids. I did 100 miles in March with both of them so I logged 100 miles for each of them, but I never said I did 200 miles…I did 100. Yes, pushing/carrying 2 kids is harder but I never considered saying I did double the miles. My only advantage was that since I registered 2 kids, I had two entries for the opportunity to win a prize. That was my understanding for the past three challenges. This time I am only registering one so I only do one log.

Is there an easy way to log my miles/minutes manually, and then enter them into the tracking log later?
Yes!  Here is a link to a log sheet you can write down your kiddo’s miles.  Printable Mile/Minute Log

What about my Hike it Baby 30 sticker, and can I get more than one if I have multiple children?
All donors will automatically receive one Hike it Baby 30 sticker unique to this month’s challenge.

 Can I count miles other than walking/hiking?
All outside time, regardless of activity, can be counted towards minutes outside.

Can I log indoor miles?
In one word, no. Hike it Baby is all about getting outside into nature with your family, and we try to keep in line with this during our challenges, as well. You might be surprised at how resilient you (and your kids) can be when you bear through the heat or the cold and get out there (remember to be safe)! You’re still getting lots of fresh and energizing air that you can’t get while indoors.

Do I need a kid with me to log miles/minutes?
Yes!  When you register, you are registering for your child (even though it’s you signing up) BUT you can’t log miles/minutes on your lunch break unless your kiddo is with you. I mean, you can log as many as you want but when you go to track and enter them, there should be a kid with you.

Can my mom/dad (grandma/pa) enter?
Yes! Hike it Baby 30 is for everyone!

Do I need to hike/walk with an official HiB group? Or do miles/minutes with only me and the kids count? 
They can either be official HiB walks or getting out with your own family. Accountability is what we are going for to help us all get out there! Post pics on the Facebook page, post miles/minutes in the log and watch it all add up!

Are there prizes for most miles/minutes?
In the past, we have done this, but there will be no prizes for most miles/minutes.  We understand that all families are at different levels and to give prizes for most miles/minutes takes away from what’s most important – getting outside!

I’m about to start running again from scratch, and will likely be pushing my two halflings in the double-jogger to start getting my road time. Does this count?
This is hardcore hiking! Track it and post it and you are in the game! Running, hiking, walking all count as miles! We would like you to add them up on trail, but the ultimate goal is getting outside. We are confident as you begin to see the miles adding up you will move them on to trails as you feel stronger. Make sure that you log each child in separate entries. You can’t put 10 miles if you do 5 with two kids. Each one needs an entry for 5 and 5. 

We have a lot of new walkers/toddlers in our group. How will we track miles for them?
Toddler led hikes still count, even if they are carried/strollered for most or part of the time. Combine the toddler’s total miles (carried/strollered + walking).   You might be surprised at how far they can actually go on their own!  Remember you don’t need to complete the full 30 miles to get entered for prizes! The tracking is for your personal satisfaction and as motivation! Simply by registering and joining the Hike it Baby 30 community you are already entered to win prizes!

Is it OK to do a section of a trail twice if we don’t have a lot of trails in our town?
Totally. The idea is to get out on trail for 30 miles. If this means doing the same sections over a few times no problem! Do 30 miles, or shoot for 30 minutes outside 3 times a week and see how that adds up. That’s the goal. The challenge is based on what your area can accommodate and what’s comfortable for your schedule.

Do I have to officially register and sign-up for the Hike it Baby 30 Community to participate?
No. Anyone can do the Hike it Baby 30 Challenge on their own!  However, to get access to the logging tools and eligibility for prizes, you do need to register. We start logging miles and minutes on the 1st of the Challenge month and continue through the end of the month.  If you register late in the game that’s okay because you can backlog your miles! The goal is for your child(ren) to hike/walk 30 miles in 30 days or 30 minutes 3 times a week. If you officially register and become part of the community you are given tools to log your hikes/minutes and keep track both online and offline.


Trouble registering? Contact challenge@hikeitbaby.com