Hike Series

A Hike it Baby Hike Series are hikes you can expect to find across the country repeated. These hikes often have a theme or were thought up by Hike it Baby families to add something a little extra special to the hikes. Examples include:

  • All Access hikes – helping families of all abilities and with disabilities get on trails together
  • Bear/Alligator/Animal hunts – We hide stuffed animals in the woods and get kids on the trails looking for them
  • BYOT hikes – Bring your own truck and get out for a hike with toys on trail
  • Toddler Waddle – Get your walk on in a super slow way with toddlers leading the pack
  • Bike it Baby – Mix it up and find trails where it’s safe to get toddlers out riding on push bikes, trikes and other wheeled things
  • Altitude – For those who like to burn it a little, hike uphill
  • Stroller hikes – Many families with multiples like to get out with us so we encourage stroller hiking to accommodate all
  • Expecting parent hikes – Hikes for families with little ones on the way
  • New Parent hikes – we love meeting new people. If there isn’t a new parent hike happening in your community ask for one!

Some series have prizes for participants so keep an eye out for ones coming up in your area.

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