Host a Hike

So you’re interested in hosting a Hike it Baby Hike? Fantastic!
Please take a moment to read and understand your responsibilities.

As a Hike it Baby Hike Host it is your role to set the tone for your event. We ask that anyone interested in hosting attend a Hike it Baby event before hosting your own or contact their local Branch Ambassador first via Facebook or email so they can go over some of our expectations as an organization. We just like to make sure your first hosting experience is great and that everyone enjoys your hike.

Hike it Baby Hike Hosts are facilitators of the Hike it Baby experience, not trained guides. Hike it Baby provides a platform to help families gather together. We ask that everyone who attends our events sign a waiver. This waiver is found by registering on our website through the sign in/register button on the Hike it Baby homepage. This is why it’s important that you encourage people to find your hikes through the website, not on Facebook or word of mouth.


Responsibilities Pre-Hike:

  • All Hike Hosts must be registered members of the Hike it Baby community.
  • It’s great if you talk to your local Branch Ambassador (through Facebook or email if you are not on Facebook). This information can be found in the pinned post in your branch Facebook group or email info@hikeitbaby.com to find out who to contact.
  • Fill out hike details in SUBMIT A HIKE form. Please be as accurate and detailed as possible. If you have any questions, or need to make edits, reschedule or cancel a hike please email calendar@hikeitbaby.com.
  • Review Hike it Baby Website Calendar to ensure accurate posting of activity (your hike will be posted after approval, hikes are posted within 24 hours after submitting).
  • Best Practice: Post a reminder with a link back to the event on Hike it Baby’s Website on your branch Facebook group the day before your hike!

Responsibilities Day of Hike:

  • Arrive early enough to be ready to hike at the start time.
  • Welcome hikers as they arrive.
  • Be sensitive to late arrivals, do a quick check of the parking lot to see if there are any hikers who may be joining your group.
  • Facilitate a Welcome Circle: introduce yourself and the people with you; if you are comfortable sharing children’s ages and area of town you live in, do so, and invite the other participants to introduce themselves and their child/ren.
  • Ask everyone if they signed the waiver and let them know that this protects you as a host, so it’s important that they sign it.
  • Discuss the hike difficulty and assess the groups ability, scale back if needed.
  • Briefly review Community Guidelines of Hike it Baby – be safe, take care of yourself, be mindful, “No Hiker Left Behind”, etc.
  • What Leave no Hiker Behind looks like:
    • Know how many people are in your group
    • Adjust your expectations – sometimes a hiker may need to turn back early, and anyone is able to attend your event and may not be able to keep up with the group. If someone should fall behind, speak with them and see if they would like someone to walk with them or if they are okay on their own.
  • Evaluate your environment and your group size, if necessary, split into two or more smaller groups based on ability or pace. Often naming these groups “kid-paced” and “adult-paced” helps with breaking into groups.
  • Ask that everyone be respectful when taking photos and sharing online. Some prefer to not have photography of their children public.
  • If Hike it Baby has any upcoming events, please promote them at this time.

Responsibilities to Community: 

  • Hike it Baby walks and hikes are only as fast as the slowest hiker.
  • Be polite and friendly to people. Be aware that we are often a large group that can dominate trails, coffee shops, stores, and park bathrooms. Be considerate of other people out there who weren’t expecting to run into a large group.
  • Know the dangers of your area’s weather. If inclement weather arises, adjust your event.
  • Should a hiker have a child who needs a break on the hike, halt the hike. Give them a chance to try to stay with the group. Speak with them one on one and see if they would prefer to have one person stay with them to finish the hike or stick with the group. Use your best judgement.
  • If someone is not feeling well or has a medical situation, be sure that someone walks that hiker back to their car, waits with them until they feel okay, and then get their number and check in with them later in the day.
  • We are all parents or caregivers and sometimes have questions that may be about controversial topics. If you find yourself having a discussion about a certain topic on trail or in the group, be open to other people’s thoughts and way of life. Keep it light and remember that our purpose is to be out in nature with our children. If the conversation is making anyone in the group uncomfortable, be aware of their feelings and change the subject.

Submit a hike here!

If you have any questions, or need to make edits, reschedule or cancel a hike please email calendar@hikeitbaby.com.


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