New Membership FAQs

Thank you all for participating in Hike it Baby. Here are some general questions we have been asked about the membership. We hope this helps you all understand how the membership will work with our community. We appreciate your support as we make this change in our community.  

When will paid membership begin?

The annual membership period begins January 1, 2017. From that date you will have to be a member or have a trial membership to view the calendar and be eligible for discounts.

When will my membership expire?

Membership is a rolling 12 month subscription that will be up for renewal 12 months after your initial sign-up date. If you purchase a membership on January 1, 2017 your annual membership will not expire until January 1, 2018. If you sign-up in May, your membership will be valid until May of the following year.

How much is the annual membership fee?

Membership costs $10 per family per year. We also have a Founding Member option available for $100 that has no expiration date. When other family members join your hike, we ask that you add them to your profile information. This technology will be ready by January 1, 2017.

Do I have to pay a membership fee per branch?

No, you only need to pay one membership fee to access all Hike it Baby hikes and events.

What if I want to try out Hike it Baby before paying the fee?

We invite you to see all the wonderful things the Hike it Baby community has to offer by trying a 90-day trial membership.  At the conclusion of the 90-day period you will have to purchase a membership to continue to access the hike calendar.

What if I can’t afford the membership fee?

We wish to make Hike it Baby accessible, so please request a scholarship (option will be available when registering as a member) or contact your local Branch Ambassador for assistance. The information being asked for in the scholarship form helps us determine where we need to apply for grants locally and statewide. Also it helps us see where we need to allocate more resources from Hike it Baby’s annual revenue. No personal information (name, email) is asked. The information is anonymous and helps us understand how we can serve diverse populations.

Will you ever increase the membership fee?

The amount of membership dues was carefully selected based on our operating expenses, estimated membership and projected growth. It is our intention to not increase membership dues in the future, but the Board of Directors will review and reconsider membership dues if required.

Is this membership per person? Does my spouse/caregiver/partner also need their own membership?

This membership is meant to be per family.  Your spouse/partner/caregiver are all welcome at Hike it Baby events with your family membership. Please add partners and friends to your membership profile.

Do you issue refunds? How do I cancel my membership?

No, we are sorry to inform you that we do not offer refunds as members get access to exclusive discounts and benefits from the moment they pay which can’t be revoked. If you wish to cancel your membership it’s as simple as choosing not to renew your membership when it expires.

Can I do a month-to-month membership?

No, at this time we only offer annual and lifetime memberships.  If you are unsure if a Hike it Baby membership is right for your family, we suggest you sign-up for a trial membership.  If your budget does not allow the purchase of an annual membership, please apply for a scholarship and/or contact your local Branch Ambassador for assistance. We want you to hike with us!

Will my membership automatically renew?

No, we will not renew your membership without your permission.  You will receive a reminder as your membership nears its expiration date.

Can I pay with cash or check?

Only credit cards or debit cards can be accepted at this time. However if cash or check is the only way, please contact us at so we can work with you on this.

Is the membership fee tax-deductible?

Yes, the membership fee and all donations to Hike it Baby are tax-deductible.

I belong to a Hike it Baby branch outside the United States, does this change affect me?

No, Hike it Baby branches that are outside the United States will not have a membership fee implemented at this time.  Currently, logistics and accounting challenges keep us from collecting membership dues outside the United States, so those belonging to branches internationally will not have to pay for membership.  Please contact your local Branch Ambassador for instructions on registering. If you’d like to support Hike it Baby, you may contribute by making a donation.

Budget Questions:

What will the money be used for?
The money will support website operating expenses, salaries for a few key employees, and funds to help with other strategic improvements for the organization as a whole.

How have you been operating Hike it Baby these past couple years without collecting money?

In the past we have partially funded Hike it Baby through member contributions (example HiB 30), sponsors and sales in the store. This was mostly sufficient in the beginning when Hike it Baby was small and growing slowly. The exponential growth Hike it Baby has experienced in the past year substantially increased our costs and the workload demands of key national volunteers. In a short time we went from a small website and something that required part-time volunteer hours to a website of tens of thousands of unique pages and an organization that demands a handful of full-time employees to continue to operate.

Have you made any efforts to reduce operating expenses to avoid the need for a membership fee?

Yes, we are always striving to reduce expenses and increase efficiency.  The fact is that Hike it Baby has been running up until now on the free labor of some very generous people.  In the past, our fundraising efforts and sponsors were able to cover our technology expenses, but they no longer can.  Relying on parents to volunteer their free time to run a large non-profit organization is not sustainable. Hike it Baby has evolved to now require a few full-time employees for accountability and consistency.

How did you come to this decision?

This was a difficult decision made in consultation with Hike it Baby members, Branch Ambassadors, industry experts and our Board of Directors.  After reviewing our budget, legal requirements, mission statement, surveying our community and Branch Ambassadors, we decided this was the best way forward to keep Hike it Baby afloat.  In addition, a committee of Branch Ambassadors with a varied collection of backgrounds, work experience, and perspective were formed to advise the Board of Directors on how best to solve Hike it Baby’s financial challenges.

Member Benefits
What does my membership get me?

For less than a dollar a month Hike it Baby members receive:

  • Access to the calendar of events
  • Access to full website
  • Access to discounts
  • Eligible to participate in Hike it Baby 30 promotions
  • Ability to host hikes
  • Access to collection of Hike it Baby Suggested Trails around the United States (coming soon)
  • Access to future special web tools such as year-round hike log, Buy/Sell/Trade forum, Profile tools like badges.
  • A sense of community by opening doors to relationships with other families at exclusive Hike it Baby activities.
  • Knowledge that you are helping families across the world get outside.

Will I be allowed in my branch Facebook group if I’m not a member?

Yes. The group is a great way for everyone to learn about our community and how we are exploring our outdoor world.  However, to get the information to attend actual Hike it Baby activities, you will need to be a Hike it Baby Member.

Can I participate in Hike it Baby 30 if I am not a member?
Hike it Baby 30 challenges are only open to Hike it Baby members beginning January 2017.

Can I host a hike if I am not a member?
Hosting a hike is only available to Hike it Baby members beginning January 2017.

What about discount codes from Hike it Baby sponsors?
Starting January 2017 the discount codes offered by Hike it Baby’s generous sponsors will only be available to Hike it Baby members.