Basic Member Renewal

Hike it Baby Basic Membership Renewal

$10.00 donation

Thank you for joining us as a Hike it Baby member this past year! We hope that you had several opportunities to hit the trails with us, and invite your family and friends. We appreciate you signing up for an annual membership with our organization. Renewal includes one year of access to our calendar of community hikes for you and your family – you can use one login for your family to participate.

Note that this is a renewal. If you are looking to purchase a membership for the first time please use the Basic Membership product.

Participants outside of the U.S. are not required to purchase a membership for access. See International Membership Renewal.

We welcome you to purchase a membership to support our mission of getting families into nature!

How long does the membership last?

You can choose to renew for one year or for a lifetime as a Founding Member. It’s up to you.

Using a coupon?

Please purchase the basic membership that doesn’t include a Backpacker magazine subscription, found here.

Here’s where your contribution will go:

  • Maintain the website and calendar nationally so you can hike anywhere you want!
  • Employment opportunities for the administrative staff of Hike it Baby.
  • Support branch initiatives at a local level.
  • Pursue long term strategic goals for organization.
  • Expand our community online and offline so we can offer more workshops and opportunities for families to connect.
  • Develop programs to work with diverse communities, government and other agencies.
  • Build out online tools such as year-round hike log, a buy/sell forum for gear nationwide, a place to research Hike it Baby friendly hikes.

Together we are raising a generation to love the outdoors.

Subscription to Backpacker magazine

Hike it Baby is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Membership dues are tax-deductible minus $6 for Backpacker magazine.