Qalo Hikes

Do you like getting freebies? Join our Qalo Teether Breather hikes across the country. The first 20 participants will get a free teether from Qalo.

September 12th, Colorado Springs, CO led by Sarah Dipasquale

September 15th, Portland, OR led by Shanti and Jessica Carrillo Alatorre

September 16th, Ann Arbor, MI led by Annie Fortunato

Houston, TX led by Jennifer Campbell

September 17th, Harrisburg, PA led by Colette Clark and Stephanie Lane

September 25th, Madison, WI led by Dineo Dowd and Abby Czachur

September 25th, Seattle, WA led by Karyn Gaffney

September 26th, Hampton Roads, NC led by Melissa Freeman

Staten Island, NY led by Lucy Riccardi and Jessica Creech-Levine

September 28th, Dayton, OH led by Laura Castro

September 29th, San Diego, CA led by Vanessa Wright