Special Events

In addition to our many weekly hikes across North America, we have several events throughout the year to inspire families to explore the outdoors.

HIKE SERIES – We have periodic events that may last a month or two where we focus on the different ways Hike it Baby families enjoy getting outside together.

Hike it Baby 30 – Hike it Baby hosts two membership-based family challenges each year to encourage families across the globe to get their babies and children outside. Together we inspire each other to achieve individual and group goals.

Together We Hike – #TogetherWeHike celebrates Hike it Baby’s “birthday” on the third Saturday in July every year. Our goal is to get as many families as possible out on the trails together.

Kids to Parks Day – Together with the National Park Trust, Hike it Baby celebrates Kids to Parks Day by connecting kids with as many local, state or national parks across the country as possible.

National Trails Day – American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day® is the United States’ largest celebration of trails. Each year, Hike it Baby partners with American Hiking Society as the best place to look for a family friendly hike on National Trails Day.