Do you have a company that you think would make a great sponsorship partners for Hike it Baby? Do you want to help get families outside? With your help (product or financial contribution) we are doing the following:

  • Promoting time outdoors as a family
  • Fostering a love of nature in ourselves and our children
  • Building a healthy community 

These three tenets are the driving force behind the founding and success of the Hike it Baby organization. In just three years Hike it Baby has grown exponentially from a local community of families to a worldwide movement of people working together to guide a younger generation to a respectful and deep appreciation of the outside world.

We welcome brands like yours to join us by sponsoring our efforts to continue to be the preeminent resource and community for families seeking adventures outside. We have a strong record of building mutually-beneficial relationships with partners gaining brand visibility and provide unique marketing/PR opportunities with access to our 150,000+ followers in 300 worldwide branches.

Please contact us to learn about our many exciting sponsorship opportunities