Winter Walk for the Website

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Walk for the Website Challenge 2021

Get outside with Hike it Baby for a 10-minute walk every day for the month of February!

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Did you know that ten minutes outside can:

Reduce stress

Improve your mood

Lower your blood pressure

Improve focus

Boost self-esteem

Stimulate creative thinking and problem solving

Help you absorb more vitamin D

The best part? You don’t have to go far to get outside. Take a step out your door and walk around your neighborhood, your yard, your local park, or walk on your porch.

Join us and commit to getting outside for at least a 10-minute walk every day in February.

This free event is open to anyone, with a suggested $10 donation per participant to help us fund our new website. So if 4 in your household are participating, we suggest a $40 donation. Receive a “We’re Outdoorsy” sticker per $10 donation. For example, if you donate $40, we will send you 4 stickers. If you’d like to participate but are unable to give please email Also, if you’d like to opt-out of receiving a sticker(s) please email The proceeds from each donation will go directly to helping us build a better platform to support our mission of connecting all families with babies and young children to the outdoors. 

With every $10 donation you’ll receive a We’re Outdoorsy Sticker and an event kit that includes a printable daily tracker, tips for getting outside in the winter, outdoor activities, and more.

All registered participants receive:

Entry into prize drawings from our sponsors including Burley and Turtle Fur


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Downloadable tracker

Virtual community, inspiration, and encouragement in the Hike it Baby Community group

The benefits of getting outside every day for 28 days

Be sure to share your activity in the Hike it Baby Community group and on social by tagging @hikeitbaby and using #hibwalkoutside.

Change your thinking about what time in nature can be and gain the benefits of spending time in nature every day by joining us in the Walk for the Website event. Just think how great you’ll feel after 28 days of outdoor time!

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Of Course, There is Swag!

It’s not a real event if there isn’t a t-shirt (and tote and mug). See the line-up of apparel with our We’re Outdoorsy logo. Bonus, proceeds from the sale of We’re Outdoorsy gear help support our mission! 

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What’s Up with the Website?

Our website is built on an inadequate platform that doesn’t include the features we need to support a growing, dynamic organization like Hike it Baby. We are currently unable to implement needed upgrades to our site, including:

Make the site mobile friendly and mobile responsive

Implement easier navigation and more user-friendly features

Increase page load times and general speed of the site

Address issues with viruses and other digital threats

Make the back end more user friendly for staff and volunteers

Eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming programmers to support the site

Additionally, we want to empower community members to connect and easily find the resources to get their families outside. We’ve got our eyes on an amazing platform that will include:

Personalized dashboards that guide you to resources created just for you.

Weekly digests that let you know about new hikes, groups, and more… and only for things that match your personal profile.  

Sort absolutely everything in the Hike it Baby community and see recommendations specific to your unique profile.  

Access to a directory of all Hike it Baby members and the tools to connect with those near you and those with a shared interest. 

Access to our amazing world of resources with tools that help recommend content for you with that same idea of highly personalized content.  

Access to groups (that you can join or start) all based on geography or areas of interest.

A hiking event directory built right into the Hike it Baby community to find hiking events and hiking trails that match all those specifics about where you live and what you’re looking for.  

We need to rehome the website so we can continue to connect, inspire, and empower all families to get outside more often. With free membership open to all we need to make sure we have a website that can support our growing community.

With a financial donation as part of your entry to our Walk for the Website event, you will help us reach our $30,000 goal to get settled into our new platform and better serve families, particularly those with babies and young children, to develop a connection to nature, benefit from time outside, and create a better future for all children for generations to come.

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Thank you to our sponsors!

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If you have any other questions please visit our Winter Walk for the Website FAQ or email