We’re Outdoorsy – End of Year Giving 2020

Time in nature today makes a better tomorrow for everyone.

Update! We are so excited to share that through the end of the year for every dollar donated, our board will match up to $6,000! Now through December 31, 2020 your donations will count as double! 


Being in nature is something every family, even those with babies and young children, should be able to do and all it should take is a step outside.

Regular time in nature is essential for children’s healthy development. Yet, as a society, we are spending less time outdoors than any generation in human history. This growing disconnect with nature is caused by:

  • The historical definition of what it means to be “in nature” and who belongs there.
  • A lack of safe, equitable, and accessible outdoor spaces.
  • Time, use of technology, and the perceived cost of spending time outside.

Hike it Baby is working to change this.

We believe that regardless of background, race, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender, relationship, age, size, shape, language, and more, anyone who wants to experience the outdoors is the NEW definition of “outdoorsy.” 

We believe to be outdoorsy means you simply spend time outside… in your neighborhood, at the park, in your backyard, or on a trail deep in the woods.

Support us in our mission to change what it means to go outside and who is welcome there with a financial donation in 2020 to help us reach our $10,000 goal. Help make it easy for all families, particularly those with babies and young children, to develop a connection to nature, benefit from time outside, and create a better future for all children for generations to come.

As a thank you for your donation and to show your support of the new definition of “Outdoorsy”, we’ve designed these exclusive gifts.

Donate $25 and get a sticker, donat $50 and get a stainless steel camp mug, donate $100 and get a turtle fur hat!

Donate $150 and receive the “We’re Outdoorsy” sticker, stainless steel campfire mug, and Turtle Fur® hat*.

*Hats are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s styles. To note which you would like, please email fundraising@hikeitbaby.com. Additional hats are available for a $50 each donation after your initial donation of $100.

To opt-out of receiving a gift, please email fundraising@hikeitbaby.com.

We connect Through 350 local branches across north americal that are a support system for families with babies and young children to get outside. We Empower with free resources that encourage families to get outside with confidence, and by normalizing what it means to be in nature. We Impact, We believe it is vital to respect, protect, and share nature, and ensure all families can easily and safely enjoy natures benefits for generations to come.

With the support of our donors, partners, and members, in 2020 Hike it Baby accomplished the following:

  • Changed to a zero-fee membership so that all families can access our community and resources.
  • Took a stance on what it means to be outdoorsy and go outside, and continue to work to change the narrative.
  • Supported over 279,996 families in their outdoor time.
  • Created over 10 downloadable outdoor activity resource documents.
  • Published over 75 articles and stories with how-to’s, inspiration, and information to give more families the motivation and confidence to go outside.
  • Helped over 1,000 families increase their outdoor time through our Hike it Baby 30 program in September.
  • Created a central online community to support outdoor time for families during the pandemic with over 1,000 members in addition to our 350 online Branch groups.
  • Adjusted to the Covid-19 pandemic, creating programming and support that focuses on helping individual families spend time outside to improve their physical and mental health while still fostering connection during these unprecedented times.

Your generous donation today helps get more families outside tomorrow.


Your gift is going to help impact families with babies and young children create a connection with nature, benefit physically, and mentally from spending time outside, and are inspired to a lifelong love of nature that creates a legacy for future generations. Thank you!